Education Under Occupation: A Call for Educational Justice in Palestine

Thursday, November 13th

5:30 PM

253 Malott Hall, Ithaca NY


The Palestinian Right to Education campaign, in collaboration with National Students for Justice in Palestine, is organizing a tour of universities across the United States, for a number of Palestinian college students. Cornell Students for Justice in Palestine is hosting two of these students, both of whom are from Birzeit University near Ramallah in the West Bank. These students will be speaking at an event which is being organized by SJP, titled Education under Occupation: A Call for Academic Justice in Palestine.

The discussion will feature firsthand accounts by Mahmoud Daghlas and Phantina Sholi about the hardships faced by Palestinians who try to pursue education while living under Israeli occupation. Needless to say, the challenges faced by Palestinian students in Israel-Occupied Palestine are immense. Both students are active members of the Palestinian Right to Education Campaign, an organization that works to expose and document Israel’s violations of Palestinian education rights.

Education under Occupation will therefore shed light on the state of Palestinians’ fundamental right to education, and the crucial work being carried out by students on the ground to fight for this right.

Abu Yusif Habib, a senior undergraduate at Cornell and member of SJP, will then discuss the meaning of “academic freedom” in the context of Israel-Occupied Palestine. What role can the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement play in achieving justice in Palestine, including the right to education for all? Given that our university has partnered with Technion, an Israeli university which is deeply embedded in its military-industrial complex, what is our role as students at Cornell?


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